L’insecte, en bas, c’est un staphylin. Un insectes prédateur, rangé dans les bestioles sympas à préserver d’après mon livre de jardinage. Mon chat, qui a zéro notion de permaculture, aime bien jouer avec.

English translation (not an easy one!):
– You’re aiming too high.
– I’m aiming for my dreams, not for my limits. Here, in this reality? Here, I don’t know what I want.
– Any choice resonates in me as a betrayal of my dreams.
– Any spoken word is a risk.
– I’m afraid. How much of the results of my actions are my responsibility?
– You’re responsible for the acts, not for the consequences (hare talking here)
– … What?
– Eh?
– What did you say?
– Did I spoke? No, it wasn’t me, must have been him.
– It isn’t me I said nothing!
– It sounded clever but I don’t get it at all.